As a Mom of 3 young kids finding the right work/life balance was most important to me. When I left my professional career in 2009, I knew at some point I wanted to start my own company. A simple conversation between two friends was the start of this journey. At first what seemed to be something "fun" to do turned into so much more now that I have branched off on my own. And So It Glows has grown tremendously since 2016 and I see no signs of slowing down. Building my team with educated, professional employees has always been a goal of mine from inception. The addition of my Junior Spray Tan Team has afforded me the opportunity to reach and influence the “younger” generations to come.

With a background in healthcare and a passion for health and wellness, my vision is to educate my clients on the importance of quality products, how best to protect their skin and the safest way to get a "tan”. It is my personal commitment to leverage my company to support various Melanoma awareness efforts. Melanoma has affected too many people who are near and dear to my heart. Recently, the importance of applying sunscreen DAILY has become top of mind for ME as well as for my family since we are all spending more time outdoors. From playing sports, to watching sports, to swimming, to outside recess and field trips…….I can go on and on. I want to influence as many people as I can to incorporate sunscreen application into their daily routines.

The “vanity” of spray tanning never attracted me to start this company. It is much “bigger” than that. Whether it be the little pick me-up, the subtle confidence booster, the “feeling 10 pounds lighter” effect, or the finishing touch for that special occasion, my little affordable luxury brings such joy to me and so many others.

My favorite part about what I do is the client interaction that And So It Glows has brought to my life. We meet as strangers but, leave as friends. Thanks to all of YOU for the laughs, sometimes the tears but most of all the continued love and support. 

xoxo Marla