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And So It Glows Agreement:

  • Using Norvell Sulfate & Paraben Free maintenance products will extend and preserve the life of my sunless tan.
  • I understand that using bar soap or body wash not developed for sunless tanning can possibly strip away my sunless tan.
  • I understand the product being applied during my sunless application may contain instant "cosmetic" bronzers; this color is only temporary and WILL WASH OFF during my first shower.
  • DHA is clear and can take up to 24-hours to fully develop. During this time it is important to refrain from moisture build-up on the skin. (i.e. swimming, rain, showering, sweating, massage & pedicures)
  • If I must shower prior to the 24-hour waiting period I must use a warm water rinse only to freshen up. Note: this may lessen the overall results of my ran If I so choose; Disposable Undergarments, Eye-shields, and Nose Filters have been made available for use during my session.